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Page 288 - individual 243:
Isabella Louise Moody should be Isabella Louise McMullen (Isabella did not take her father's name but did legally take her mother's last name of McMullen).

   Page 270 - individual 181:
Melvin Lawrence McMullen Jr., 59, died February 12, 2011, at his home in Melbourne Beach, Florida.
Pages 32, 34, 111, 148,152, 271 and 290: April Joy Dunn was born in 1973 not 1974 as indicated.
Page 250 - husband of individual 116: Wilmer Derriell Cribbs, 90, of Wellborn, FL passed away on March 29, 2010 of a long illness.

Page 78, 108, 170 - Nora Ruth Harper,  
 82, of Raleigh, NC passed away on January 3, 2012 of a long illness and buried in the Harper Section at Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

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Amos Joyner: was born about 1795 and died 1838. He married Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Jones (or Joiner) on November 02, 1820 in Franklin County, NC. Amos and Polly's children were Priscilla Ann, Martha, John C., Augustus Perry, Willis B. and Alfred. Both Amos and Polly's ancestry are drawing blanks.

John Eaton McMullen: was born about 1817 in Georgia and died 1859 in Echols County, GA. John has at least one brother, Charnic Wilson McMullen (1831-1898) Charnic was born in Georiga and is buried in Hardshell Cemetery, Prairie County, AR. John married Mary Elizabeth Byington and Charnic married (2nd wife) Nancy Connelly of Alabama.


Lillie Harper and niece Susie Lee Harper taken about 1930 at Laurel Mill in Franklin County, NC.

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